Sporten in Brandevoort

Brandevoort offers many opportunities for sports. Both individually and in groups. Below you will find an overview of all sports possibilities in and around Brandevoort.

Sportpark Brandevoort:

Sportpark Brandevoort offers a home to a variety of associations. You can go here for;

  • SV Brandevoort, a soccer club
  • Black Shots, a basketball club
  • Lopersgroep Brandevoort, runners group Brandevoort
  • Midako, Korfball club
  • Flame Trails, BMX-trackBrandevoort
  • Yoga Studio Toermalijn
  • VC Polaris, a volleyball club

Tennisveriniging Carolus:

TBetween Brandevoort and Mierlo-Hout are the tennis courts of Tennisvereniging Carolus.


Around Brandevoort you will find several MTB routes. Look at the map below at the green balloons.

Golfclub de Gulbergen:

The golf enthousiast Brandevoorter can go to Golfclub de Gulbergen.


Swimming lessons, recreational or sports swimming. It is possible in Helmond, Nuenen and Mierlo. The outdoor pools are also represented. You can visit ‘t Wolfsven and Laco Strandbad Nuenen.

DVarious sports:

urthermore there is a range of options. Below is a summary of the various associations:

  • Carton de Brug > Fitness, Squash, Tennis, Bowling
  • Atletiekbaan HAC Helmond (athletics)
  • Tafeltennisvereniging "Stiphout" (table tennis)
  • Scouting Brandevoort
  • Hockeyclub Helmond
  • Bootcamp Brandevoort