Schools in Brandevoort

RK Basisschool De Vendelier Schutsboom:

One primary school is located in the Schutsboom. Catholic primary school De Vendelier. The striking and modern building is located in the middle of the Schutsboom on the edge of the Antoniusbosje. Here is the old place of the archers’ guild, where the school has reduced its name from.

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RK Basisschool De Vendelier Stepekolk:

In the Brand the second location of the Catholic primary school De Vendelier is located. The building is a semi-permanent school building. This location is called De Vendelier – Stepekolk, because it’s located on the street Stepekolk-Oost.

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Openbare Basisschool De Veste:

De Veste has the most striking school building of Brandevoort, OBS Brandevoort De Veste. The distinctive character fits perfectly within De Veste’s appearance. This primary school is a Public Primary School.

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Openbare Basisschool De Hoeves:

OBS Brandevoort de Hoeves is located in the Stepekolk (also called De Hoeves because of the names of the streets).This school is a branch of OBS Brandevoort De Veste.

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Basisschool Mondomijn Liverdonk:

In Liverdonk the new construction of Mondomijn is located just outside De Veste. This is a Montessori Primary School with integrated after-school care.

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Carolus Borromeus College:

Secondary education in Brandevoort – De Marke. This school offers mavo-plus, havo, atheneum and gymnasium.

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