Relaxing in Brandevoort

Going out:

Just to stretch your legs or simply relax. Brandevoort offers you enough choices. You can walk in one of the green areas or the eco-zone around De Veste. Have a picnic, play games or enjoy the sun on a terrace.


The eco-zone is located around De Veste. Flora and fauna get a chance to develop freely. Account has also been taken of the “Brandevoorters”. You can walk here, there are playgrounds, lawns to play and you can enjoy the sun on one of the benches. It is allowed to fish in a number of places./p>

Enjoying food en drinks:

On the sunny days you will find many “Brandevoorters” on one of the terraces in the neighborhood. A snack, a drink or just a tasty ice cream. It is good to stay at Grillhouse By Onsz, Cafetaria Brandevoort (both in De Veste), the Brandevoortse Hoeve or Restaurant Liverdonk.

Into the forest:

Although we do have a small forest in Brandevoort, the Antoniusbosje, it is not really suitable for a long walk. Just outside Brandevoort we find the forest near Mierlo and another one in the opposite direction, near Stiphout.

In Stiphout you can walk or cycle with MTB. In Mierlo there is also a very nice playground for children and an obstacle course.

To the zoo:

AAt the Gulbergen, between Nuenen and Brandevoort, lies “Dierenrijk Europa”. A lot of special animals and plenty of play areas for the children. By bike you can get there in 5 to 10 minutes.