Who is Alex?

The guy on that picture, that’s me. Alex Ruwers, also known as Alex de Makelaar. I was born on 21-03-1979 and raised in Eindhoven-Woensel. Since 2002 I live with my dear girlfriend Esther. First in Rijpelberg - Helmond, then moved to Asten-Heusden end finally settled in 2011 at the Schutsboom 52 in Brandevoort – Helmond. In the meantime we were blessed with 2 great boys (Stef 2007 en Tygo 2009).

By means of a detour, I ended up in real estate and after a tough 3-year evening study I was allowed to call myself 'Real estate agent' in 2004.

Real estate agent in Helmond.

The years of experiance we have build over over time in the middle and high segment of housing come very in handy with our base location Brandevoort.

From our office in Brandevoort we serve the market voor selling and buying houses in Helmond en surrounding area.

The last 15 years Alex has sold countless of homes in helmond (see the map below). Our office is approachable and we provide high service value.

We keep our company small, so that we van provide you what we promisse. The best service in town. High costumer appreciation is out main goal.

Easy communication via WhatsApp, Facebook, phone or email make sure we are always ready to help you. 

What does Alex do?

Alex de Makelaar in Helmond - Traverse 

Adjust. In main lines always adapt to developments. Not only the housing market is in motion. Customers, buyers and technology are also constantly on the move. What worked well last year can now be out of date. What buyers and sellers want to see also changes every so often.

We get used to technical progress and expect products that go along with it and work and feel intuitively pleasant. I therefore set myself the goal of coming up with something new every time. Something that complements the extensive range of products and services that I already offer. Does something not work anymore? Then that is removed from the package. Is there a new technique on the market? Then I want to test that first. If it works to promote the sale of housing, then it is included in the standard product package. Doesn’t it work? Get rid of it. Time, energy and money are precious. So it is important to spend it on what actually works.

There is something that has remained unchanged since 2004. A real estate agent must communicate. The seller want to be kept informed about the progress. A call ( or WhatsApp) after a viewing about what kind of people there have been. That viewers are called after for a response of the viewing. Is doesn’t have to be an extensive report. Just a short message is usually sufficient. You can expect us to just keep you informed.

With viewers the communication is also very important. I therefor ask several questions to the viewers. That way I get to know a lot about them. This is not only useful in negotiation but also to find out what suits them. Bring home searchers to the house they are looking for. That makes you sell more houses.

Houses sold by Alex

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If you want to know more about me after reading the above, you can invite me to your home. Then you can ask me all the questions you have.

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