De makelaar in Brandevoort

"Alex has many new ideas about the brokerage and makes frequent use of social media. Alex also comes with alternative options to promote the property. This is in contrast to various other brokers. Another positive point is that Alex gives a feedback about the viewing immediately after a visit.a week later, people are approached about their interest in the property."
-Jeannette Smulders-

"Alex is very good at his job and has a lot of knowledge of the local market. More importantly: He asked me clever questions (as a seller) and was able to provide valuable information to the buyers. Very good broker. Highly recommended."
-Anjia Jiao-

"Definitely recommended. Friendly, patient and competent!!"
-Margot van de Wiel-

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Real estate agent in Helmond

Adjust. In main lines always adapt to developments. Not only the housing market is in motion. Customers, buyers and technology are also constantly on the move. What worked well last year can now be out of date.

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